January 2022
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My First Book
Real Talk 2.0

inoj is an all-natural health and beauty brand, offering all-natural make-up, hair care, skin care and supplements. The founder of inoj, Latif Whitaker created inoj with a vision she has held sacred to her heart ever since she was a very young child.

Latif became intrigued with herbs and natural health due to her mother’s love of vegetables and always introducing new vegetables to her and her siblings as young children, and her father bringing home herbs and making her and her siblings eat certain healthy foods growing up. If you were to ask her which herb, she learned about first, without pause the answer would be golden seal. Her father used to bring the herb home and Latif immediately took interest. She would take the capsules, just based on her father’s word that the herb was good for you.

Ever since, she would wake up, take some golden seal, and have a slice of toast with honey on it and have an orange for breakfast. She made a routine that also included taking a teaspoon of honey and garlic! Latif knew she wanted to live a healthy life-style, and she has a personal goal to live over 100 years old, and she plans on doing it being healthy from the inside out!

Her love of natural health and the will to live a long healthy life is what motivated her to build the inoj brand. She has been using and researching herbs and healthy food for most of her life, and all of her adult life. The benefits of inoj are extremely satisfying. Latif feels that all women should be extremely satisfied and with who they are not only from the outside but more importantly on the inside. Her products work together from the inside out. Her supplements offer the health and nutrition the body needs to keep the body healthy and youthful, while the make-up naturally enhances your beauty!

inoj uses all-natural ingredients and the products are hand made with love, dedication and patience. The founder of inoj proudly uses all of her inoj products on herself and her daughters who ages are 1,3,7 and 12. Yes, the ingredients are safe enough for her one year old! The name inoj is actually an acronym of all of her daughter’s names. Iman (age 12), Naomi (age 7), Olivia (age 3) and Jiyah (age 1). Hence the reason Latif takes such a great deal of pride and dedication in making sure her products are worthy of her customers satisfaction. After all she wants nothing but the best for her children, with a product named after them, it’s like all of her daughter’s wrapped in one!