October 2021
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My First Book
Real Talk 2.0

Hello everyone! As usual I hope everyone is maintaining that positive attitude and getting the job done. So I’m going to get straight to the point. It’s that time! I don’t care what time the clock says. It’s time to get your show on the road. Gas up and take off. No more talking about it, no more making sure you planned perfectly, no more asking for advice, no more troubleshooting your ideas. Just go! The clock is always ticking and 24 hours is not a lot of time, so you better make it worth every single second.

It’s that time to make your dreams a reality! You dream when you’re asleep, but when your awake you should be making those dreams a reality, otherwise your life can become a nightmare, and nightmares are scary and uncomfortable. Start looking at every second of the day as a new opportunity waiting just for YOU! You have an idea and I know you do. Ideas pop up in our heads all throughout the day. What’s stopping you from acting on your idea? Your very own unique idea. Okay maybe today is laundry day. Throw them clothes in the washer and start working on your idea. You have to go grocery shopping? Fine, go when the market first opens up. Go when it’s about to close! Write a list. Do what you have to do to cut back the time that you spend away from working on your craft, your gift, your idea. Okay it’s your only day off of work. You need to pay bills. Use that one day off to work on your brand so you can turn that one day off of working for SOMEONE ELSE to never going back to working for someone else!

I am not going to go on and on because it’s simple! It’s that time! Don’t worry about what the hell ANYONE else is doing. This is about YOU, you’re idea, you’re dream. You have no competition period! You don’t compete with anyone else and it’s not your business if anyone calls themselves competing with you. Look at your watch, look at you’re phone, look at the clock. Whatever time the clock says means…. It’s that time!


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