October 2021
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My First Book
Real Talk 2.0

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Hello everyone! I hope you’re all hanging in there. I know it’s kind of hard, maybe it’s really hard. Maybe this transformation is not as challenging as you thought it would be. At this point it doesn’t matter. There was a personal choice to start this life transformation and once you start there is no use in stopping now! Whatever your transformation is it is so worth it because there is something deep inside of you just waiting to reveal him or herself. So you think. What now? I know what I want and I think I know how to make things all come together but I don’t know what to do next. Well the answer is simple….. Reach deep!

We need to reach deep into the depths of our inner selves and pull it out. We want to make each and every second of our life count. We have wasted enough time. We have made plenty of wrong turns, U-turns and sometimes turned our world upside down. That’s okay because unfortunately we will probably continue to do all of that as long as we’re breathing. It’s life and none of us know what’s to come. At this point we just need to focus on what we do have control of, and that’s our consistent work to self improve. Reach deep inside of yourself and do the work. Even if you think you’ve reached pretty deep, you can always reach deeper. Remember the key to life transformation is continuous work until your overly satisfied. Not until you start receiving compliments, not until someone close to you tells you, your wasting your time and not until your tired of trying. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t pay attention to anyone who doubts you, just reach deep and pull it all out. Through out the negative and stack up on the positive. Keep digging until you are overly satisfied and once you feel complete,content and even amazed at what you’ve accomplished, dig a little deeper, there’s always a few crumbs you can brush off. Life is work and a happy prosperous life is hard work. I would say that’s worth getting that soul searching shovel out, so you can dig deep and pull it all out and SHINE as you were meant to!