October 2021
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Hey everyone inoj beauty and Real Talk 2.0 getting together again for our vlog updates! Make sure to checkout out Real Talk 2.0 on facebook and check out the website realtalk20.com for more REAL TALK! ENJOY and as usual….


Hello everyone! Hopefully you are all doing great with your personal transformations! Stay strong, stay focused and most of all make sure you are holding up to the title of General when it comes to your life, YOUR journey! Remember going through a life transformation is major work, hard work but most of all important work. Obstacles are going to be thrown in the way. KEEP GOING! It’s a war. A war inside of your head, your heart, your soul, and your surroundings! Check out my latest vlog post on today’s topic and enjoy!


Hello everyone! I hope you’re all hanging in there. I know it’s kind of hard, maybe it’s really hard. Maybe this transformation is not as challenging as you thought it would be. At this point it doesn’t matter. There was a personal choice to start this life transformation and once you start there is no use in stopping now! Whatever your transformation is it is so worth it because there is something deep inside of you just waiting to reveal him or herself. So you think. What now? I know what I want and I think I know how to make things all come together but I don’t know what to do next. Well the answer is simple….. Reach deep!

We need to reach deep into the depths of our inner selves and pull it out. We want to make each and every second of our life count. We have wasted enough time. We have made plenty of wrong turns, U-turns and sometimes turned our world upside down. That’s okay because unfortunately we will probably continue to do all of that as long as we’re breathing. It’s life and none of us know what’s to come. At this point we just need to focus on what we do have control of, and that’s our consistent work to self improve. Reach deep inside of yourself and do the work. Even if you think you’ve reached pretty deep, you can always reach deeper. Remember the key to life transformation is continuous work until your overly satisfied. Not until you start receiving compliments, not until someone close to you tells you, your wasting your time and not until your tired of trying. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t pay attention to anyone who doubts you, just reach deep and pull it all out. Through out the negative and stack up on the positive. Keep digging until you are overly satisfied and once you feel complete,content and even amazed at what you’ve accomplished, dig a little deeper, there’s always a few crumbs you can brush off. Life is work and a happy prosperous life is hard work. I would say that’s worth getting that soul searching shovel out, so you can dig deep and pull it all out and SHINE as you were meant to!


Hello everyone! As usual I hope everyone is maintaining that positive attitude and getting the job done. So I’m going to get straight to the point. It’s that time! I don’t care what time the clock says. It’s time to get your show on the road. Gas up and take off. No more talking about it, no more making sure you planned perfectly, no more asking for advice, no more troubleshooting your ideas. Just go! The clock is always ticking and 24 hours is not a lot of time, so you better make it worth every single second.

It’s that time to make your dreams a reality! You dream when you’re asleep, but when your awake you should be making those dreams a reality, otherwise your life can become a nightmare, and nightmares are scary and uncomfortable. Start looking at every second of the day as a new opportunity waiting just for YOU! You have an idea and I know you do. Ideas pop up in our heads all throughout the day. What’s stopping you from acting on your idea? Your very own unique idea. Okay maybe today is laundry day. Throw them clothes in the washer and start working on your idea. You have to go grocery shopping? Fine, go when the market first opens up. Go when it’s about to close! Write a list. Do what you have to do to cut back the time that you spend away from working on your craft, your gift, your idea. Okay it’s your only day off of work. You need to pay bills. Use that one day off to work on your brand so you can turn that one day off of working for SOMEONE ELSE to never going back to working for someone else!

I am not going to go on and on because it’s simple! It’s that time! Don’t worry about what the hell ANYONE else is doing. This is about YOU, you’re idea, you’re dream. You have no competition period! You don’t compete with anyone else and it’s not your business if anyone calls themselves competing with you. Look at your watch, look at you’re phone, look at the clock. Whatever time the clock says means…. It’s that time!


Hello everyone!So we’re all here, we made it through the night! We’ve been blessed with a brand new opportunity and it feels great! How do we feel about that? Did we wake up with achy muscles? Maybe, maybe not. Did we get enough sleep? Maybe maybe not. Is today going to be a nice, easy, good day? Is it going to be a day we will never forget? Well no way of knowing that lol. The one thing we all do know is that life is definitely not easy. There are those days that we can get in bed and just wish the day never ended. Everything was great! We wish everyday could be like that day. Then there’s the days that we get in bed thinking to ourselves. “Please just let this day be over! LOL. Oh yeah we have allllll been there. No matter who we are. We experience these days in life and we are going to experience them all throughout life.

After a certain age we come to the realization that life is just not easy. Yes we have those “easy”days but over all life is a lot of hard work. It’s hard work, mentally, spiritually and physically. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your personality is, your religion, moral beliefs or spiritual beliefs. Life is hard work. We all have goals! Rather we broadcast those goals, or if they’re just personal goals. We set goals for ourselves, we set goals for our children, our supervisors set goals when it’s time for a review or a raise. A goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. In return you have to do work to reach your goal or goals. Depending on your personal goals, you must not give up! It’s hard but as long as your breathing it’s not over! So I am a fan of Lucille Ball. I Love to watch “I love Lucy” ever since I was a little girl. My partner always teases me calling me Lucy because I come up with these crazy ideas and often it ens up being a shit show lol. Now Lucy always comes up with these ideas and takes Ethel along for the ride. Lucy ends up causing an entire catastrophe but somehow in the end things work out. Lucy sets these short term goals and she works through the craziness to obtain them. If you watch her she often ends up in awkward, embarrassing situations, but she keeps going. She doesn’t care how silly she looks! She leaves her comfort zone and hits the bricks with her ideas. Now we’re all not as fortunate enough to have an Ethel but hey be your own Ethel! Just obtain those goals.

Now what comes with being hard? Well I personally think there is a lot of pieces to the puzzle. First you have your own expectations, which should ALWAYS, ALWAYS be high. Those personal goals are the goals we must achieve. This is your life. Who cares if anyone else thinks you can achieve your goals! If you set a goal for yourself and you really want to achieve that goal, you do the work to get there! You wake up everyday focusing on that goal. You know it won’t be easy and you might even have to go out on a limb and become very uncomfortable to complete that goal, but you know you must reach your goal. I will just use myself as an example because I can only speak for myself.

If you have been following my journey, I have a goal to lose this baby fat. I have given birth quite a few times. After each birth I would gain weight but then easily lose it. Now with my youngest, who is only 1 year old. I gained a significant amount of weight. I’m uncomfortable, my legs ache, I can’t move as easily as I would like to. I had to literally go and purchase an entire wardrobe and I’m still learning how to shop in the “plus size department”. Let me say I do like to buy cute clothes, but the act of spending more than 45 minutes in a store annoys me. Would I be able to live the rest of my life being the size I am? For me personally no, and it’s not for vain reasons at all. I’m just out of my comfort zone physically. I do however have plenty of fabulous, beautiful people, inside and out who are plus sized and let me tell you they ROCK life! For me it’s just not working out that way lol.

I had no choice but to set a goal for myself to drop some pounds. If I wanted to be physically comfortable and not walk around looking and feeling awkward I’d have to drop some pounds. That is one of my personal goals. Let me just say it is not EASY AT ALL. The work I have to do is hard! I wake up everyday and exercise. Let me just say exercising looks very easy and promising watching an already fit body do them but when I do them, it’s painful, I look weird and my body hurtssssss! It’s hard, VERY hard but it’s not over until I reach my goal. So just know you are not alone. You can even watch me struggle on my workout video lol! Yeah remember when I mentioned Lucy, well in this video you’ll see me in action, and at this point I don’t care! I have to lose this weight that is uncomfortable for me. You are not alone! We’re everywhere, out here trying to just reach our goals. No it’s not easy at all. It’s hard, hard work, determination, you have to go outside of your comfort zone. Guess what though, you have to leave your current comfort zone, to get to a more comfortable zone and so on and one day you will reach the best goal ever that will make your life as comfortable as possible, Not perfect but extremely comfortable! Just remember even when you get there, it’s still going to be hard, just not as hard. It’s going to be hard until it’s over, but like Lenny Kravitz said. It ain’t over until it’s over!