October 2021
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My First Book
Real Talk 2.0

Hello everyone! Hoping everyone is giving and receiving that GOOD Energy and fighting off that negative energy! Remember that negative energy is a track star moving as fast as ever lol. So today I want to talk about a huge factor in making the the choice to go through a life transformation, no matter what that transformation is.

We go through transformations in life daily, sometimes not even realizing we are going through the process. It starts from the very second we are created! I know it’s not rocket science, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves when we go through certain circumstances that life is all about change. Sometimes things just happen and other times we make a consistent effort to make our situation different for the better. Which brings me to the topic at hand!

Are you ready for the tests? Yes test is plural, because there will be multiple times during your voluntary transformation that you will be tested and then comes the open book final yup! The open book final allows you to reflect and catch little clues, right? Then you have the final exam that you absolutely must pass with an “A”!I know, I know sounds a bit extra but think about it. You know the cartoon characters “Transformers”? The robots are not fully functioning if they choose to transform into their given modes and are missing a wheel or whatever it is they need to make the transformation complete! How can they carryout the mission fully without being fully transformed?

This is life and if you are at a stage in life you want to be done and over with, you have to take full control of your life and YOUR energy and be prepared for those pop up quizzes! Remember there is no testimony without those tests! Remember there’s no cheating because we all are on our own journey. Study life, study yourself!


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