October 2021
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My First Book
Real Talk 2.0

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is making progress with whatever your personal transformation is! My vlog post today is pretty laid back. In short I just wanted to remind us all that we must have thick skin and balance to help us be successful with all of our endeavors. Remember not everyone will be open to and embrace this journey, but remember this is YOUR journey. There are no guides that will lead us to our destiny. We will come across dilemmas, hurdles, and negativity. Thick skin will definitely help us all. The key is don’t feel that your skin has to be so thick that you become inhuman. Keep focus and stay balanced. Everything needs balance. Remember as children walking along the curb trying not to let your feet hit the street? Most of us managed to keep balance. In our little minds if we lost balance we would fall into the street and get run over by if not a car maybe multiple. Of course that was in our little brains, but just think of how important keeping balance is. As an adult we have to be balanced to simply live day to day. Between, family, work life, social life and life in general, if we are not balanced we become damn near mentally unstable! So please with the thick skin, remain logical and balanced.


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